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Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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"lanaaaaaaaa!" "what!?" "danja zone", "mindboggling" aziraphale/crowley, "st. petes" "thank you", "stay-awaaay-from-the-summoner", "who taught you grammar!?", 6000 year old friendships, aliens, angels being on fire, angels saying "fuck", auron ignoring people, auron's pixelated arms, auron-loving-jecht-more-than-braska, authority in fort kickass, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, bale out, balthazar-chasing-castiel-round-the-bathroom, balthazar/castiel, balthazar/crowley, being on meth tho, being-the-only-person-to-ship-balthazar/crowley, blondie, blow-coke-and-jump-on-the-bed, charlie brooker, cocks in space, comics, crowley, crowley being alive, crowley continuing to live, crowley not being dead, crowley so isn't dead, crowley why'd you die, crowley/errbody, crowley/shapeshifter!crowley, daddy winchester, david mitchell, demons, demons being on fire, doctor krieger, exchanging souls for inches, fic ideas, final fantasy vii-x, finding purgatory, frappe vanilla bullshit things, fuck yeah the universe, ghosts, good omens, green wing, hellblazer, it's-fucking-distracting, kiss kiss bang bang, kurt mendel's balthazar's vessel, les enfants terribles, like an 8% chance, little boots, manchester, mark sheppard, mark sheppard's manic bathroom-props, max headroom's facial expressions, metal gear solid, mindless self indulgence, misfits, misha collins, misha collins' furry undertones, morrissey, odyssey 5, pillowfights with balthazar, red xiii, resident evil, resurrecting sims of aziraphale, robert downey jr., rocking the cas/bal, runs-around-in-underwear-freakazoid-freakazoid, sci-fi, sharing cottages down south, silent hill, six feet under, snake! snake!? snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!, stonehenges being foamhenges, subtext, super teen extraordinaire, surly guys with beards, that was the joke, the master and margarita, the mighty boosh, the offspring, the paranormal, the smiths, the tactical turtleneck, the tactileneck, threatening houseplants, twitter, unbearable lightness of being, zombies
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